php laravel

php laravel

hello folks today we gonna learn learn about "php laravel" as you all know php is a widely-used open source general-purpose  scripting language that is especially suited for web development and it  can be also embedded into HTML...
there are so many frameworks of PHP Laravel.Symfony.Zend Framework.CodeIgniter.CakePHP.FuelPHP.Yii 2.Phalcon.

today i am going to walk you through laravel
featureas of laravel-

1. Automatic pagination The paginate method provided by Laravel automatically takes  care of setting the proper limit and offset based  on the current page being viewed by the user.

2. View composers

The view composer is one of the most important  features of Laravel which makes sure that the controllers  load a bunch of data from models for views which is not  related to that method’s page content.

3. Routing system

Laravel provides the flexibility to its developers  to choose which route is triggered on the application.
@@ what is firebase?@@
>>>Firebase is a backend platform for building  Web, Android and IOS applications   It offers real time database, different APIs, multiple authentication types and hosting platform

In this article i gonna walk you through uses of electronjs,

you all know that javascript is most useful and rapidly growing language on web, and it's very easy to adapt. most of the people's thing javascript is only a client-side language and nothing more, but nowadays javascript is useful in almost every field such as in the development of web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps (Android, IOS, window)
and even in AI and machine learning
we have a couple of frameworks that makes javascript so efficient for example >> Reactjs >>angularjs >>vuejs and my personal favorite >> electronjs today I gonna walk you through about uses of electronjs and also " how to install electronjs in your system?"
first, I will walk you through the uses of electron js in various application of web, Android, IOS && desktop and also some projects build with electron js so let's start our journey
>>> wh…
steps involved in software development

hello techies!!! in our day to day  life we are using so many software, today I gonna walk you through steps involved in the development of software or part of the software...  trust me it will help you a lot, if you are interested in programming, or wanna become a software developer
steps involved in software development 
>>> communication :::>   >>>planning :::> >>>:::> modeling:::> >>>:::>construction:::> >>>:::> testing:::> >>>::: deployment and maintenance:::> >>>::: maintaining:::>
here are a few steps I listed in the software development cycle let me explain them one by one...
00) communication - it is the most important thing in any task ( project), communication allows us to put our efforts together to achieve our goal. in software development, the last member of our team should know what type of work we are going to make done. or how our product…
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>>> install tools

TECH4YOUfdSpam bom mall
$ pkg install update

$ pkg install upgrade

$ pkg install wget

$ pkg install php

$ wget

$ unzip

$ cd bom-mall

$ php run.php
(```Install``` *SpamTsel*)

$ pkg install curl

$ pkg install php

$ curl -s > bombtsel.php

$ chmod 777 bombtsel.php

$ php bombtsel.php
(```Install``` *Weeman* )

$ apt update && apt upgrade -y

$ apt install git -y

$ apt install python2 -y

$ git clone

$ cd weeman

$ chmod 777

$ python2

$ set url

$ set action_url
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